Creative Hive

Creative Hive will support the creative industries (including artists, architects, designers, musicians, publishers, film and video makers, craft makers…) in Blackburn and Darwen. 

The Creative Hive is part of the The Hive, a network of business leaders working together to inspire prosperity across Blackburn and Darwen. 

You can take the artist/designer/creative out of Blackburn but you can’t take Blackburn out of the artist/designer/creative

The Creative Hive aims to:

  • support the development of grant aid programmes to support arts projects, events and activities in Blackburn.
  • support artists, designers, students and creative businesses to set up and grow by providing advice, information, networking and training.
  • developing creative projects in Blackburn town centre so that people can participate in or experience artistic activity, develop new skills and meet other people.
  • working with a wide range of partners in the health, cultural, youth and regeneration sectors to help them use creative methods to engage with communities and find solutions to some of the issues they face. (This is something that will be an outcome of the Creative Hive)

Fashion Workshop

The Creative Hive will do this by:

1. Advice and support sessions
1:1 advice session for individuals or businesses in the creative sector in Blackburn.

We will promote these sessions to individuals or businesses in the creative sector that are new start-ups as well as more established companies and individuals who are at a point of change or growth. We will offer regular advice sessions with an advisor who will act as a sounding board, allowing creatives the opportunity to discuss their current business needs and helping them to plan and prioritise their next steps.

Sessions will be free and will last 50 minutes and will be held in the Blackburn is Open pop up shop (see Events for details).

2. Bi-Monthly network meetings
These will be held in the pop up art centre and will have a set structure. Probably a couple of presentations on a theme, network and drinks and ideas session.

3. Special events
These will be organised as and when a topic is highlighted by the network and can be explored in more detail through a seminar or conference.

“You can take the artist / designer / creative out of Blackburn but you can’t take Blackburn out of the artist/designer/creative” in short this is about setting up a system whereby all the creativity that the town produces and exports (think Winterbottom / Hemingway etc ) is celebrated and encouraged to flow back … From my side this works already …at HemingwayDesign we have long term manufacturing / economic links with Graham & Brown +Crown . There is also the subplot that we have employed young Emma that we first came across at Blackburn College.” (Wayne Hemmingway)